FrOSCon 2019

This year everything will be different. We want to break with the format of a frontal talk. We'll talk to each other, argue about solutions or convert ideas directly into code.

Open discussion rounds

Thematically openly we roam in a discussion round through the world of the language and the environment of PHP.

Ask Me Anything

Open discussion rounds – The old hands in the PHP business face the questions. Challenge them, think things over, that you've always wanted to know or get tips on an acute problem.


In a mixture of Workshop and Koding Kata we want to approach problems together with solutions in PHP. We will also offer a free Hacking Session at saturday evening.


Stay tuned for latest information.


This year is not only everything later it's a lot different. The reason is not the shortness of time but rather the consideration of some experiments for different forms of conference contributions. I.e. this year we didn't have a big Call for Paper, but we thought about a colorful mixture.

  1. Panel Discussion In order to get into talking together we want to lead to at least two topics discussion rounds. There will be a kind of podium with 2-4 participants, but basically we'd like to invite everyone in the room to join the discussion.
  2. Free Sessions Of course we also want to accommodate some pure lectures. That's why there is a tyni CfP where you can submit your proposals until 10.08.2019. We want to introduce you to projects or libraries that solve special problems with PHP. If the CfP comes too fast, you can still present your proposal on Saturday morning in the opening. This would also be the place, where we want to decide by voting, which session we will see.
  3. Ask me Anything A simple workshop would probably be too outdated, so there is something different here. Just bring along your problme and we will try to solve it in group work.
  4. TDD Workshop

    A simple problem - and a nice solution is needed? Then let's develop it test-driven.
  5. Hacking If the barbecue in the Innehof is too much at the expense of the climate or if you just want to code a little, we want to give you the space and time to code together. Just bring your project with you or come by to help others.

The complete program can then be found here. Due to several spontaneous sessions we would like to point out that only the online program is decisive.